How to Keep a Rental Boom Lift Working Efficiently

Some people who are renting a boom lift for an extended duration may be unsure about what they need to do in order to keep that equipment working at its best throughout the rental period. This article discusses some maintenance guidelines that can help you to get the best from that boom lift.

The Platform

Inspect the control panel and the platform assembly on a regular basis, such as weekly. Make sure that the lock bolts that secure the platform are tight at all times. Test the safety latches and toe boards to ensure that they work well. All signs, labels and instructions on the platform should be legible so that anyone using that platform can read that information easily.

The Boom

Inspect the pivot points and pins for bending, cracking and any other signs of damage. Lubricate the joints and all lubrication points when you notice that they are drying out. Check for leaks, looseness and fraying in hoses and wiring. The support brackets should be tight.

The Turntable

Make sure that the gear mechanism and turntable bearing are well lubricated at all times. You should also make sure that the drive-train components, such as the drive motor and the pump, don't exhibit any signs of hydraulic leaks. Immediately fix any defects that you observe. Check the plates of the turntable for signs of wear, such as cracks or warping.

Engine Components

Frequently check the engine oil and battery fluid level. Top up when these fluids go below the recommended level. Ensure that the exhaust system and the muffler don't have any loose brackets. Clean the area around the cutoff limit switch so that its functioning isn't hindered by dirt. Lubricate the latches and the doors to the engine chamber.


Different boom lifts have different accessories, such as LPG tanks and ground control switches. Make sure that these accessories are free from any defects that can affect your safety or their efficient operation. For instance, you should check the control switches of the ground control system to confirm that each of them is working. The return filters to the different accessories should also be clean so that the hydraulic system works well at all times.

Different boom lifts may have different maintenance requirements. It is therefore advisable for you to get a detailed briefing from the boom lift hire company so that you know the specific measures that you need to take to maintain that lift while you are using it.