How Your Tiny Home Project Can Benefit from Steel Construction

When you start to build your tiny home, you may have the blueprints and even mapped out the location for your supplies. What you may find is that the blueprints do not fit the lifestyle you want to have when traveling in your tiny home. This is when you start reworking the plans and finding new ways to make the tiny home work for you. One way is to use a steel merchant to help you with certain aspects of the project. Here are some ways steel merchants can help you develop the tiny home that is ideal for your needs and lifestyle:

Steel Shower Stalls

The shower stall is one of the biggest issues for many tiny home dwellers. Some tiny homes don't even have a shower area in the blueprints and assume you will be relying on using showers at camper parks. If you do have a shower stall as part of the blueprint, then you may have an issue of finding the material that is easiest to clean and that will be durable during travel regardless of the weather conditions you may be in.

Gutters and Chains

Rain can be an issue with tiny homes. You want to make sure, just like with regular homes, that the rain runs off easily and does not cause a build-up on the roofing area. With tiny homes, this can be even tricky since you are likely traveling and standing water could cause bigger issues if it pools on the foundation of the tiny home. With that in mind, most tiny homes use a removable gutter system that can be retracted or folded or they use rain chains.


When you think of your tiny home, you may not think of shutters as part of the design. The truth is, you may want to use window covers or shutters during travel. This is especially true if you are traveling through heavy rains or snow. Steel merchants may already have shutters that can be placed over your windows during travel and will fit into place when they are not in use. You can even work with steel merchants and have textured or designed steel shutters as well.

These are only a few ways a steel merchant can help you. Keep in mind, these are prefabricated steel methods. There are some steel merchants who may offer you the option of having a customized set of items for your tiny home if they don't have what you are looking for on hand.