Five Signs You Should Invest in a Portable Hydraulic Cylinder Honing Machine

A portable hydraulic cylinder hone is a honing tool that you can power with a drill press, a horizontal mill, a vertical mill or a lathe. If you are thinking about investing in this tool, you may be wondering if you are making the right choice. Here are five signs you need one:

1. You Have the Tools to Support It

First and foremost, you need the right tools and experience to support the purchase. If you don't have one of the attachment devices listed above (or as recommended by the manufacturer of the portable hydraulic cylinder honing tool), you won't be able to power the tool.

Similarly, you need to ensure that you or someone on your staff can operate the tool. That includes understanding the nuances of boring your cylinders to the right specifications.

2. You Want to Correct Bore Errors

If you are having issues with your bores, you may want to invest in a portable hydraulic cylinder hone so you can fix your bores yourself. Hydraulic cylinder boring removes debris and buildup from the inside of your bores, and that can create a smoother finish, which allows everything to function with fewer issues.

3. You Want Your Bores to Last Longer

Honing your bores also removes contaminants that can ultimately lead to scratches. Those blemishes in the surface of the bore can lead to leaks within your system, and they can hasten the end of the bore's useful life. By honing, you protect the bore and likely extend its lifespan.

4. You Have a Small Number of Bores to Maintain

With a portable device, you can only hone one bore at a time. If you run an extensive operation with lots of bores and machinery to replace, a portable hydraulic cylinder hone doesn't have the endurance to handle all of your regular honing needs. As a result, you may want to hire a company that specialises in hydraulic cylinder honing and have them handle your routine bore maintenance.

5. You Want to Reduce Downtime

When you have portable equipment on site, you can quickly address issues as they pop up. For instance, if one bore starts working improperly, you can remove it, and do the honing with your portable equipment. Then, you can quickly return the bore to production. That tends to be much faster than outsourcing the job.

In many cases, you may want to work with a professional honing company for routine maintenance but also have portable equipment on hand to deal with emergencies as they pop up.