Could Your Commercial Air Conditioning System Be On The Decline?

Commercial air conditioning is a much more complex system when compared to residential HVAC units. Thus, the commercial units require maintenance on a much more frequent basis to ensure optimal functioning. Moreover, with the numerous components that these commercial systems are made up of, it is likely that you will have to engage in repairs at some point or another due to normal wear and tear. If you are a business owner, it is essential to know how to read the health of your unit so that you can seek professional services before the system succumbs to complete malfunction. So how do you know if your commercial air conditioning system is on the decline?

The commercial air conditioning unit has unpredictable temperatures

A primary indicator that there could be something wrong with your commercial air conditioning is inconsistent temperatures. In some cases, this issue may stem from the thermostat, which would be a straightforward and affordable fix. However, if you cannot find any discernible problem with your thermostat, it would be prudent to call a professional as the issue could like with the compressor or another crucial element in the unit.

Inconsistent temperatures can manifest in the form of temperatures fluctuating despite not tampering with the settings. On the other hand, you may find that different areas of your commercial space have varying temperatures, yet you have not zoned your system.

The commercial air conditioning unit is producing foul odours

Other than keeping your commercial structure at pleasant temperatures, your HVAC unit also functions to ensure high-quality indoor air. Therefore, if you begin to catch whiffs of foul odours in the air, it could be indicative of a problem with your system. There are various reasons why your commercial air conditioning could be emitting foul smells. In some cases, grime could have accumulated on the filters, which would become pungent over time. This problem can easily be remedied by replacing your filters.

Conversely, the foul odours could be caused by mould within your unit, which would occur if there is moisture collecting inside our unit. It would be important to have a professional technician inspect your drain lines to ensure that the unit does not have an undetected leak. Additionally, you would need the interior of the unit thoroughly sterilised to eliminate the mould.

Lastly, you may smell burning in the air when the air conditioning system is on. Burning is a dangerous symptom as it could mean electrical fires are occurring inside the system. You should cease using your commercial air conditioning until the source of the burning odours is established. For more information, contact companies like MTA Australasia.