Five Things to Consider When Buying a Subterranean Car Lift for Your Home

If you're a car lover, you may end up with more cars than room. Luckily, there are options. You may want to add a subterranean or underground car lift to your home to increase your storage. There are lots of options depending on your budget and objectives, but here's some of the basics you need to consider.

1. One Stall Parking or a Full Underground Garage

When it comes to car lifts, you drive the car onto the lift at ground level. Then, it lowers into the ground. If you only need a bit of space for one extra car, that can be the end of the process. The car can basically sit on the lift underground.

However, if you need extra storage for multiple cars, your lift can go down into a large, underground garage. Once the lift is down, you simply drive the car into the rest of the garage. In this case, you may also want stairs connecting the subterranean garage to the upper floor. That's important from a safety perspective so you don't ever get stuck down there if there's a fire and the lift doesn't work.

2. Stacked Parking

If you decide to only use your lift to lower one car into the ground and you are not connecting the lift to a large underground garage, you may want the ability to park another car on top of the lift. This setup basically uses the lift so you can stack two cars in the same footprint.

3. Inside or Outside Access

Car lifts can be put inside existing garages, but they can also be added outside. It simply depends on what works best on your property and what is the most convenient for you.

4. Custom Styles

Whether your lift is inside or outside, it needs to match the style of your home. To make that happen, you may want to select a car lift company, such as Forte Lift Services, that is able to customise lifts. That way, the top of the lift can create a continuous look with the ground or floor when the lift is all the way down and the top is flush with the ground, but at the same time, if the lift is up, the lines and designs can complement your home as well.

5. Safety Considerations

In many cases, when a subterranean car lift is up, it looks almost like an open-sided carport. Then, you drive the car onto that area and lower or raise the lift as needed. If you have children in the area who may run onto the lift, you may want a more enclosed option with doors.