5 Features to Consider When Hiring a Shipping Container for International Removals

If you're planning an international move, there are lots of ways to get your possessions from one side of the world to the other. One option you may want is explore is hiring a shipping container. Before you take this route, however, you may want to consider the following details.

1. Size

Shipping containers come in the classic size that you've likely seen in person or on the movies anytime there is a scene at a shipping yard. However, there are also smaller options.

To decide what you need, take an inventory of your home and the items you plan to move. Then, ask the reps from the shipping container hire company if they can make recommendations on which size you need. Alternatively, find a removals company that has a free truck size estimator on its website.

Fill out the form (that usually consists of just checking off which items you have). Then, when the site makes a recommendation on which size moving truck you need, just translate that to the volume of shipping containers you need.

2. Shipping

In some cases, you may hire the shipping container from the same company that handles the shipping. From a logistical standpoint, that can be easier. However, if you want the freedom to find the best rates, you may want to hire the shipping container from one company and pay another company for transport.

3. Intermediate Transport

Keep in mind, you will need to set up intermediate transport as well. You may want the hire company to drop off the shipping container at your home. Then, you will need that company or another entity to drive the shipping container to the port.

Typically, you won't be able to handle intermediate transport on your own, unless you hire a crane to pick up the container or have a flatbed to drive it around.

4. Weather Resistance

All kinds of items are transported in shipping containers, and some of them can withstand exposure to the elements. Your personal possessions, however, need extra protection. To ensure they don't get assaulted with rain or snow on their journey, you should look for a shipping container that is weather tight.

5. Locks

Finally, consider security. This is especially important if you plan to have the shipping container sitting in front of your home whilst you pack up your belongings. In these cases, you need the ability to lock the shipping container.