3 Ways to Use Engineered Plastics in Your Tiny Home

One of the goals for many people taking on a tiny home project is to try and cut the costs as much as possible. This means using recycled and repurposed items as well as using manufactured items that are specifically designed to help with energy efficiency and durability. One of the industries that is most commonly used to help in this endeavour is the plastics industry. Here are three ways that engineered plastics can be used to help with efficiency, budgeting, and durability in your tiny home build.

Engineered Plastic Wood

When you begin thinking about your tiny home, you are probably trying to go for as natural a look as possible. The concern for many people is that the hardwood floors and other woods in the home may start to warp or have durability issues due to consistent weather changes. This is a concern for people that are wanting to travel with their tiny home and may be going through massive changes as they travel along coastal areas where humidity can drastically change. One way to avoid this, and to keep the natural look of hardwood, is to go with engineered plastic wood. This is made from recycled plastics and can be purchased in options that look like a variety of woods and stains. The wood can be used in flooring or as panelling throughout the tiny home.

Engineered Plastic Tubs and Sinks

Your bathroom area in the tiny home needs to be durable and efficient. You need to know that it is easy to maintain and can hold up to humidity as well as rough travel depending on the areas of the country you will be taking your tiny home through. With that in mind, most tiny home building instructions include steel bathrooms. Though these are nice, it may not be the look you are going for, as sometimes the steel can appear too industrial. Instead you can use an engineered plastic tub or sink that is durable, easy to clean, and can be purchased in a variety of shades and styles to fit your individuality.

Engineered Plastic Tubing

You may not think of plastic tubing or pipes as something that is integral to a tiny home. The truth is you will need pipes for the bathroom and sink that can fit into a smaller area. Even if you use a composting toilet and a drainage pail for your sink, you will still need to have a water run off system of some type for the shower. This usually means a grey water system. This system can be made from engineered plastics to fit your specific size requirements for your tiny home. You can also use the engineered plastic tubing for retractable options like gutters and rain spouts.

By keeping these three engineered plastic options in mind for your tiny home, you can start looking at the plastic alternatives that may give you more of what you are looking for in your budget. You can also ensure durability and personalisation as well.