Why You Really Need to Introduce a Combi-Oven to Make Your Commercial Kitchen Viable

If you want to be competitive in the restaurant business, you've got to have an edge. This is a cutthroat industry where you either thrive or fail, and in order to be on top of your game, you've got to have the best staff and the right equipment. If you're trying to figure out what appliances to install in your soon-to-be busy kitchen, you need to be thinking about a specialist, combi-oven. Why is this particular piece of equipment going to give you that edge?

Your Challenge Ahead

In the restaurant business, margins can be very tight, and you need to keep an eye on your raw material costs. You've got to make sure that the food you purchase goes a long way and provides the best quality meals for your visitors, while also maintaining a high yield. In other words, you can't afford to allow poor cooking methods to suck all the moisture out of your food, to leave your dishes dry and relatively unappealing. You will end up using a higher volume of food to supply the required level of service in order to keep your patrons well fed and happy.

Conventional Problems

When you use the typical convection mode, you are using dry heat to cook your food. This is likely to suck all the moisture out of proteins such as chicken, which is not the result you're looking for. You need equipment that will allow you to maintain the correct humidity levels throughout the process, by combining dry heat with humidity in the form of steam. This is the type of end result you will achieve if you introduce a combi-oven to your kitchen.

Best of Both Worlds

Imagine if you were preparing chicken for your valued guests. As noted, a convection approach would rob the chicken of the moisture that gives it its taste. Conversely, if you were to put the bird into a steam oven instead, it would undoubtedly retain the moisture, but it would not get that classic "crispiness." This is where the combi-oven comes into its element, maintaining the right temperature and humidity at the same time.

Speed and Efficiency

In addition, using this method you will be able to slash your cooking times considerably, which will allow you to turn over your tables much more quickly. You'll be aiming for the holy Grail of the restaurant business – perfectly cooked food in a shorter amount of time.

Getting the Right Equipment

Do some research to locate the best combi-oven in the marketplace. You will be able to program in hundreds of different menu instructions, so all you will need to do is add the food and let the machine do the rest.

For more information about combi-ovens, such as Unox XEVC-2011-EPR, contact a local professional.