Critical Questions That Will Help You to Recommend the Right Boom Lift to Clients

When choosing a boom lift, you will notice that most of your customers do not know where to begin. Most customers are unaware of different types of boom lifts or the specific application of each kind of lift; therefore, they need to be guided. The problem is heightened when a client is on a tight deadline and has to get the right boom lift within the shortest time possible. As a boom lift rental business owner, you play a critical role in helping such customers to get the proper boom lift for their specific needs. Notably, you should ask particular questions to assist in recommending the right boom lift to your clientele. This article highlights some of the critical queries.

How Much Weight? -- Boom lifts are manufactured with weight ratings. Therefore, whichever machine your customers choose, the loading on the boom should never exceed the limit. You need to ask your clients the amounts of weight they plan exert on the boom. It is important to insist to clients that loading requirements should be accurate; otherwise, they would end up with the wrong boom lift. Once you have information on lifting specifications, it becomes easier to recommend a boom lift that will not disappoint your customers thereby securing repeat business.

How Much Reach? -- Boom lifts consist of a boom platform and an arm. The length of the arm determines the machine's reach, and just like weight, boom lifts are rated according to their reach capacity. Therefore, it is essential that your clients inform you about the highest height they plan to use the equipment. If you do not ask the question, then there is every possibility that you will deliver a lift with low reach capacity and risk losing clients. Again, make sure that clients do not give estimates, but accurate requirements.  

What are your Work-site Specifications? -- Different boom lifts run on different fuel types; therefore, before you recommend the device, you need to be sure about your client's work-site specifications. As such, ask your customers about their work-site concerning ventilation, electricity sources, as well as floor gradient. For instance, if a customer wants to use a boom lift indoors, then you would know that a diesel-run device is a bad recommendation because of toxic exhaust fumes. In such a case, an electric machine is the best option. Additionally, if a work-site has a sloping floor, then the machine's gradeability rating has to match the client's floor gradient.