Tanks A Million: The Advantages Of Opting For Galvanised Steel When Choosing A High-Capacity Rainwater Tank

In a world where fresh water is becoming an ever more scarce and valuable commodity, setting up a rainwater collection system can make a lot of sense. Your collected rainwater can serve many uses, from irrigating crops to flushing your toilets, and can even be made drinkable with the right treatment facilities -- no wonder then that many rainwater harvesters opt for high capacity tanks, like 10000 litre water tanks, to make the most of Australia's wetter months.

However, if you choose a high capacity tank, the materials used to create it are particularly important. Galvanised steel is a popular choice for these large rainwater tanks, and for good reason; here are just some of the benefits of choosing a galvanised steel tank for your rainwater collection system:


As you can imagine, galvanised steel rainwater tanks are enormously tough and durable, and are capable of withstanding both heavy physical impacts and wear and tear caused by wind, rain and the elements -- ideal for outdoor rainwater collection tanks serving irrigation systems and other agricultural applications. They are far more durable in this regard than similar tanks made of plastics, and are not weakened by intense sunlight like some PVC tanks.

As for rust worries, the durable galvanised coating applied to these tanks makes corrosion a non-issue. The coating only needs to be reapplied every few years to remain effective. Most galvanised tanks also feature internal liners made of durable plastics to prevent the rainwater they collect from hastening corrosion -- some of these liners are made from food-grade plastics, and are ideal for collecting water that will be treated and made potable.

Easy to transport and install

One of the most difficult aspects of purchasing a large rainwater tank can be transporting and installing such a large, bulky piece of equipment. Galvanised steel tanks sidestep this issue as they can be sold in easily-assembled pieces rather than a one-piece tank, making them both easier and cheaper to transport. You can also save money that would go towards hiring lifting equipment, a necessity for installing some larger one-piece tanks. If your tank needs to be relocated, it can simply be disassembled, moved and reassembled.


Galvanised steel is a particularly suitable material for crafting high capacity tanks, as its immense strength means it can easily cope with the weight and pressure created by large amounts of collected rainwater. Corrugated models are even stronger, and have sufficient crush strength to be buried underground. This makes them ideal for use in locations with limited available space.


Unlike many plastic tanks, galvanised steel tanks can be recycled easily if they are in reasonably good condition. They can also fetch a very reasonable price when sold second-hand, making them an environmentally friendly choice that can also help you recoup your purchase costs.