Water Collection and Storage: Practical Tips for Designing an Industrial Tank System

If your industrial operations require a lot of water, you should think about installing a water collection tank. This type of system will help you ensure that you have sufficient water during the times of scarcity. You can avoid the detriments of reduced water availability by collecting and storing rainwater. Also, industrial water tanks are valuable for controlling the total monthly costs of water. If you are planning on setting up an industrial water tank system for the first time, you should consider these simple tips for optimal success

Choose the Best Industrial Tank

You should choose an ideal industrial tank to match your water collection and storage needs. There are numerous types of tanks on the market. The right choice will depend on your budget, preference and potential applications. The most common tanks to consider include poly, fibreglass, steel and concrete containers. When you identify the best tank, you should determine the best size for your needs. A larger tank will provide more water for longer, but the cost will be higher. If you intend to use the stored water for consumption, you should ensure that the material is food-grade before purchase.

Design a Suitable Collection System

You should plan for the collection of rainwater to obtain the best benefits from your industrial tank. The right collection system will depend on the design of your industrial property. You should hire an expert to help you design the best setup for maximum collection of clean rainwater. Otherwise, you might not be able to utilise the storage tank to its full capacity. When designing the collection system, you should remember that some collection methods and systems can contaminate water. You should be careful if you would like to have potable water.  

Select a Spot for Installation

You should identify an advantageous spot for placing your industrial tank. The chosen spot should ensure that the structure is protected from harm while promoting maximum collection of water. You can choose to install your tank aboveground or belowground. In general, aboveground is the convenient option because it does not require the excavation of the ground. This choice is also cheaper and easier to maintain. Belowground tanks are perfect for industrial properties with insufficient space. Also, the tank will be protected from adverse conditions. When choosing your installation space, you should remember to plan for the expansion of your water collection setup.

Choosing the right industrial water collection tank and accessories can be challenging. Therefore, you should discuss your objectives with the supplier for ideal results.